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Ted & BlakeAmong the couples/pairings in Queer as Folk, I like Ted and Blake. Here's a couple who nobody would think to be with each other but made an impact during the 1st season of the show.

I may say that the characters are well-defined and their story is realistic and provocative. Provocative in the sense that it raise some debates regarding on how to carry such a relationship and the circumstances around them.

In Babylon, Blake was winking at Ted, because he had a crush on him. Ted didn't believe it since nobody ever liked Ted - here's a gay guy that according to Michael has the biggest heart but then nobody is interested in the size of THAT organ.

Ted left the bar but Blake followed him. Blake asked if Ted wanted company at his house which Ted gladly accepted. They started making out, and Blake offered Ted some GHB to "liven" up the sex. To be "hip" and young, Ted took --- but too much of the GHB. Ted ended up in a coma. Blake alerted the paramedics before running out from Ted's house.

Ted  & BlakeTheir Last Contact
(from the Net as edited/revised)

Ted and Blake were last seen together in Season 1 Episode 22. Ted was coming to terms with Blake's drug addiction and they mutually agreed that Blake would check into rehab. Blake checked in, then checked out leaving Ted in the dust.

I could feel what Ted felt when he found out that Blake checked out of the rehab center after all he has done. No one knows the reason why Blake left. Was it because he will be forever a druggie? Was it because he's so ashamed of himself to Ted?

I didnt get themeaning why he returned the CD to Ted, what was its relevance? Can somebody tell me? I know for sure it has a meaning, but I cant seem to know.

Why They Are a Great Couple
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Ted & BlakeTed has never been happy in his love life until he met Blake. He was carefree and had a light in his eyes that has since disapeared. Blake and Ted even each other out. Ted is a little more grounded which Blake needs and Blake is a twink who can give Ted the confirmation and esteem boost that he is in fact a good looking man.


Blake lives in a world where he is controlled by his addiction. When he is with Ted he strives to be something more. Ted makes him want to change. But what Ted did was not enough, could never be enough.

Their Future
(from the Net as edited/revised)

I dont care if people will bash me because of this, but I like to see Blake back and apologize to Ted. Then as the cliche goes, lives happily ever after. Even if this happens in the last season of the show, I dont mind. All I wanted is to see Ted and Blake together again.

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