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Michael Novotny - The Boy Next Door

Michael as portrayed by Hal SparksSweet, adorable, coal-eyed, with a mega-watt smile that could light up the world. Michael is the guy your mom would want you to bring home -- that is, if she was okay with you being queer.

The caregiver of the group, he's sturdy but with an innocence and optimism that won't quit. He's the marrying kind... if he'd take his mind off Brian. brian was Michael's first... first best friend, first person he told about being gay, first (unfinished) sex partner, and the first person to break his heart. But brian is always there for Michael... and Michael will always be there for Brian.

How Michael describes himself: semi-cute

How others might describe michael:

the hottie-who-doesn't-know-it

Best friends: Brian, Ted, Emmett
Book or magazine he couldn't live without on a desert island:

His collection of Captain Astro comic books

Favorite Junk food: Lemon bars from the Liberty Diner and Cap'n Crunch

Favorite Pastime

Buying vintage comic books on ebay
Guilty pleasure: The Powerpuff Girls

Favorite thing to wear:

A snug two-tone or black t-shirt with jeans and sneakers

Earliest Ambition:

to become Captain Astro's official boy wonder, Galaxy Lad

Favorite Movies:

Currently X-Men... but loved the Sixth Sense and most of the Star Wars series. Also loved Lady and the Tramp... but don't tell anyone.
Habits of other people that iritic Michael:
  • Hates it when people at work ask him about who he's dating
  • Hates it when Brian blows him off because of a trick
  • Hates it when people try to control him
  • Hates it when people treat him like a kid
  • Hates it when his Mom is overly supportive about his sex life

Seven favorite Jeopardy Categories:

Superheros, Collectible Comics, Patrick Swayze movies, Video games, Action Figures, Hits of the 80s, Serials/Cereals

The One item that's always in his refrigerator:

A pre-cooked meal his mother dropped off... and lemon bars.

When Michael Met Brian:

the summer of 1985. They were 14, Brian was the tough kid, nobody wanted their kids to play with. Michael was the nice kid everybody want their kids to play with. The attraction was immediate... after all boys understood why The Green Hornet was cooler than Spiderman. They also knew why the X-Men were the coolest. And then there was that particular Patrick Swayze photo in People Magazine... the one from "Dirty Dancing."