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Justin Taylor - He's Just Coming Out

Justin Taylor as portrayed by Randy HarrisonJustin, the new young star on the Pittsburgh queer scene. he's a hottie with a substance... and by the way, DO NOT call him a twinkie.

This talented young artist is openly -- some might say hopelessly -- smitten with Brian and believes Brian loves him... whether Brian will admit it or not.

Earliest Ambition:

To be the next Michelangelo or Lucien Freud -- but with a six-pack of abs.

Favorite color: Flesh
Favorite music: Pop, house, trance, dance, british rock
Guilty pleasure: Daydreaming about spending his life with Brian
Book or magazine he couldn't live without on a desert island: His sketchbook

Favorite Junk Food:

Sweet tarts
Things he hates:
  • Hates that his mom goes through his stuff
  • Hates that his mom asks a lot of questions
  • Hates that he always has to tell his mom where he is
  • Hates that people think he's too young
  • Hates the homophobia at school.
  • Hates straight boys who mess around with him in private, but diss him in public.
Favorite Old Time Television Character: Dawson Leary ("Dawson Creek" is an old shoe to Justin)
The One item that's always in his refrigerator: Anything fattening (he's seventeen for chrissakes! He can eat anything and still be gorgeous!)

When Justin met Brian:

See Episode One of Queer as Folk.