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BRIAN KINNEY - the bad-boy

Brian Kinney as portrayed by Gale HaroldHot.. no, the Hottest man in Pittsburgh.

Smart, successful, devastatingly honest and sexy as hell, he can have any of the gorgeous men Pittsburgh has to offer... and probably already has.

Earliest ambition: To be young and hot forever

Most recent ambition:

To be young and hot forever

Biggest fear:

Growing old

Biggest obstacle to a relationship: Obsesses with being young and hot forever

Favorite food:

A perfectly aged filet mignon... rare and bloody

Guilty pleasure:

Watching Justin sleep

Favorite Music: Beethoven to Bowie. Anything that can pump the blood so he can pump... whatever the hell he's pumping

The look of his lair:

Minimalist furniture, hi-tech infrastructure, glass block room dividers. It's all about the bed and the shower-- places where he performs his favorite activities -- and we ain't talkin' Scrabble

Things that bug the hell out of Brian:

  • People telling him "no"
  • Aging
  • Whiny people
  • Mediocrity in anything
  • Difficult zippers on other guy's pants
  • People who forget to leave when he's finished with them
  • Anyone or anything that might hurt Michael or Justin

Book or magazine he couldn't live without on a desert island:

Atlas Shrugged

Favorite Old TV character:

Jonathan Steed in "The Avengers"

The one item that's always in his refrigerator:

Poppers - to heat himself up, and Evian -- to cool himself off